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yes, we have wine glasses and bottles to rent along with battery operated candles of various sizes (all candles come with batteries)

We have a verity of glass ware for centerpieces, don't forget the candles. No need to purchase them we rent them.

sare beautiful, we have bowls, fairy lights and battery operated floating candles for rent to help make this a part of your decorations.

looking for lanterns?  We have them for rent, use them alone or with greenery and flowers.

These make an outdoor wedding or a backyard wedding just stunning.  yes we rent various size pots and glass bowls.

Need wine glasses, we have them to use as decorations or for the toast.

Winter décor never looked so stunning, we rent the shabby sheik blocks and candles holders.

we do have jar rings for rent or we can make items like this great pumpkin above if you are pushed for time or your creative side is not as creative as some.

yes we have vodos to help with your decorating needs, add them with wine glasses, a wood round or mirror and you have a magnificent centerpiece!  Yes we rent wood rounds and mirrors

Candles and wood blocks go great together.

Open wood lanterns can be used in so many ways.  We have a lot of these to rent at a great savings to you.

Again you can just do so much with wine glasses and you can't go wrong.

bouquets anchor

Mason jars have so many uses and fit with any season your celebration is in.  We have such a variety of sizes for all your ideas and needs.  Renting them is such a savings!

lights ideas anchor

we have mirrors, plates (for decorating), glass stones and pebbles.

floating battery operated candles are fun and beautiful all at the same time.  They are not just for indoor use.

Check with me for greenery you need to decorate with, I have an abundance of various sizes types and colors.

These are just some of the ideas to help inspire you so remember be is large (Arches, wine barrels, etc.) or small (table pebbles, flower peddles, etc.) or anything in between let us help cut your cost by                              RENTING!

Rent artificial lemons?  Yes we do!

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