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24X13.5 inches This is a hanging sign.
CR 131-1510  $2.00 Rental

You can write your website page on this sign and people can upload pictures for you.
CR 131-1497  $1.00 Rental

CR 131-1496 $1.00 Rental

CR131-1499 $1.00 Rental

This is a box to put favors in as a Thank You to your guests.
CR 131-1500 $2.00  Rental

CR 131-1508 $1.00 Rental

CR 131-1502 $1.00 Rental

This is a metal plate.
CR 131-1509


Wooden 3 inch letters
CR131-1507 $1.00 Rental

CR 131-1507  $1.00 Rental


This welcome sign rents for $2.00

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